Not Accepting New Claims
No Win No Fee* PPI Compensation Claims 15% (+ Vat)

All we charge for PPI Claims is 15% + vat , all on a no win no fee* basis and we take no upfront fees.

You Could Be Owed £1,000s Without Knowing it – Request A Refund Now to Find Out (Not currently Accepting New PPI Claims).

If you have had finance in the last 12 years that has had payment protection insurance included in the agreement, there is a chance that that PPI agreement has been mis sold and you might be able to claim compensation.

In the UK many people are currently claiming PPI after the recent ruling that all ppi policies that have been deemed unfairly sold must be compensated.

How much PPI Can I Claim back?

That depends purely on the size and amount of financial arrangements be it mortgages, loans, or credit cards (or other arrangements) generally speaking the larger the credit, the larger the claim, this is dependent purely on your policy, to let you know what your claim may be worth with any real accuracy we would need to look into your particular case.

I don’t know if I have PPI on my finance agreements, Should I bother?

We would advise that you at least make an enquiry or review your financial documentation from your creditors.

We can advise on how to get your details from the lenders if you are having difficulities.

Are PPI Claims Simple? What is involved in the process?

With us you need not worry about contacting creditors or other related administrative tasks, all that you are required to do is complete the “Request a PPI Refund” form to the upper right hand side of the page and follow the directives from our ppi claims advisors.
We aim to make the process as simple as possible for our clients, simply because that is our responsibility to our clients, our staff are here to help every step of the way.

How Quickly Can I Receive My PPI Compensation?

On reciept of your completed claim form we prepare the letter of claim on your behalf.
The lenders generally take 8 to 12 weeks to respond to our correspondance and dependant on their response a claim can be settled at the 8 week time slot or can take considerably longer each case is differant and no one can give an accurate time a claim will take.
Rest assured we do our best to obtain as quick a result as possible we only recive our payment after you have received the compensation awarded.

Why should I claim with Your Company?

We have highly experienced staff that are ready to prepare your claim so you have less hassle, and also provide you updates on progress periodically.

How Can I Start My Claim?

Complete the “Request A PPI Refund” form to the upper right hand side of the page, upon receiving your details you will be contacted by our advisors to proceed and investigate your case for you.

The sooner that the investigation into your PPI case begins, the sooner (in the event of a successful claim) you can receive payout.

What Exactly Do You Do To Maximise The Possible Success Of My Claim?

Our Claims processors work diligently and timelessly to ensure that you receive the amount of compensation that is due to you upon investigation of your policy, we are highly experienced in handling PPI cases and pride ourselves on our ability to pursue a case to it’s completion.

We never let enquiries go cold, we will contact you promptly after you submit your query on our website to give us the best possible chance of an early success on your PPI case, which we investigate thoroughly, diligently and efficiently until we reach some kind of resolution.

Which Is The Best PPI Claims Management Company To Use?

The best claims company to use is the one you feel offers good value and is the best fit for your needs.

We have a friendly set of staff who will attend to your case as soon as you decide to engage our services, we charge a conservative fee of 15% plus VAT and have completed a large number of claims, helping people claim back millions in compensation.

We are confident we put together a compelling enough offer for most people to want to use our services and we feel that you will have a pleasant experience as a result of working with us, if you choose to do so.

What Happens Once I Have Put My Details Into The Online Enquiry Form?

Once you put your information into the claims form, you will be contacted by experts that can help you process your claim, you will be asked for information so it is advised that you make yourself available so that you can be ready to handle a call which is most likely to be within 24 hours of you submitting your case.

The more information you can provide our advisors the better they can assist you, please bear this in mind when we consult with you over the phone.