Well, we all know how good and amazing love is it feels wonderful when you with a guy that you love. It’s like the best feeling you feel secure, safe, and you think about having a future with him. But what if that guy doesn’t really care about you as much as you do and he’s just playing with you. The thing about guys is that they will say I love you to you, even if they don’t mean it just to get you. They can lie about it and be totally innocent when it comes to the point when you ask babe do you still love me? They will say of course and all the sweet talk. You will believe them too but you need to make sure that he does love you. So 5 signs that he doesn’t care about you or love you anymore we will talk about them.

Keeps on repeating the same mistake: When you are in a relationship with someone or you live you love someone. You will make sure you don’t repeat one same mistake that can hurt your partner. Like it does not just mistake it’s also the things that annoy you he won’t repeat that. If your partner is repeating the same things that annoy you like getting late every time when you meet, getting on your nerves doing the same thing and make it into a fight. The thing if he keeps on doing that means simply that he doesn’t care about you at all. Let’s just take the most important thing that happens with most people as our example. If he said something and did something that hurt you and you forgive him after a fight. You thought yes he’s really sorry and that he won’t do it again. But after a while, he says the same thing, and repeat the same mistake, again and again, to hurt you and your feeling that a straight no. You can’t accept that as that’s the clear sign He don’t give a damn what you feel and what you don’t.

Never gives you enough time: Other things that you can take as a sign is that lack of time. No matter what he is doing whether playing games or working he will always give you time when you need him. I work too and do a lot of projects on my whole day but I make sure that I will pick up my baby phone, text and talk to her when I can. If he’s busy it’s alright giving time work on a mutual understanding, you need to know when he’s working, he can’t talk to you the whole day. Which is good because he needs to work and earn a living. But if he always making that excuse and you are talking 30min or 1 hour a day, that’s it. When you guys are meeting irregular days even been in the same city and place. If he’s saying that I’m going with friends won’t come to meet you and that if he’s saying I’m tired I don’t feel taking right now let’s talk later. Those are a positive sign he doesn’t care about you like the way you do you should consider leaving him before it gets too late.

Does not have your back: The things about being in a relationship is that they always means always no matter what have your back. When you are in a relationship there is no way of letting your girl down. No matter what you say to her as a joke in person when it comes to other people if they are making fun of her and if she needs you in any situation like money problems, family issues, and other things. You should always stand first for her as she only has you that she can rely on after her family. So if your guy is ignoring those things, he’s making fun of you in front of his friends or your friends. If you need money urgently and he’s saying nope I can’t, if you need him at someplace really need him and he said I can’t come right now. Even if you say that it’s really important for you and please come. If he not coming means you can not rely on him and he doesn’t care what you do what you get into. That’s a clear sign of letting that guy go before you get more hurt.

Don’t introduce you to his family: When you guys are in a relationship for quite a long time like 6 months. Also, know yeah I’m serious about each other you will for sure take them to introduce you to your family. And if your guy is not ready to take steps always avoid when you say babe I want to meet your family let’s go and introduce me to them. If he always make some excuse and keep avoiding that then no doubt he’s not serious about you and just paying he just wants to use you till he can and have fun. 6 months is enough for anyone to decide whether it’s serious or not, well it’s more than enough you should get it before 6 months. But yeah if he doesn’t in that period of time he’s just doesn’t care whether you stay or not.

Don’t open his background and privacy: If a guy your in relationships with don’t let you inside his private life family background. Also, avoid the question about his past life when you ask him. Yes if he’s already told you and you keep asking what’s different thing as it can be something that will hurt you if he talks again and again. But if he doesn’t even once then it’s never going to work and he just doesn’t really care about telling you about his private life and personal life.…

When we start loving someone and fall in love there are things that we experience that we have never before. For all of us, that think love is all great and happy feeling and that is nothing bad about Love and it’s all good when you are in love. Let me tell you something, and that is what you are imagining. Love is not always sunshine and roses. It’s a great experience but comes with hard times if you think that your love life will be always happy nope that can’t be. So let me tell you basics 10 hard truth about love that you know after you come in relationships.

Romance will fade away: When we talk about love there’s this sweet feeling, getting butterflies in your stomach kissing and holding each other all the time. Always feeling happy and excited talking about a lot of things together and making each other feel special by just talking and being there. Well let me tell you it’s nothing but a big lie after a while it will all go and if you are not ready to accept that reality, you will end up breaking up with a person who maybe was the destined one for you.

Every relationship is different: Make sure you don’t compare your relationship with any other couples. They won’t have what you have and you won’t have what they have. It’s basic things you can’t get everything and if you start comparing you will always find faults in your relationship and will totally ignore the good things about yours. Focus on your relationship and be happy in that enjoy the things you can do.

There will be days when we regret being in relationships: When you are in a relationship you will be good and enjoying every moment and be happy like nothing is wrong with you. But suddenly after a period of time, you will start having arguments and fights. This will happen so often sometimes you will feel you shouldn’t have come in a relationship.

We think about our partner’s weakness more often: After a while when you are in a relationship you started to think about the weakness of your partner. The bad habits they have and they do. This can cause a doubt in your mind that you have to deal with. Just keep in mind even superman has his weakness no one comes without S weakness and no one is perfect.

We often blame relationships for our mistakes: We always after a period of time blames our partner whenever we fight. We say it’s because you are like this, it’s because you don’t do this you don’t give me time and etc. Which we use for trying to comfort ourselves that it’s their fault. It is not true better to just accept your mistake and make sure what you need to do to make it better.

We hide our weaknesses and flaws things from our partner: When we in a relationship that we start to have these thoughts. What will happen if my partner knows about my flaws will he leave me? Or will he use them later for hurting me and there are many thoughts? But if you and your partner really love each other they will just make your relationship better by sharing each other’s flaws.

Ignoring things is not always a good option: Most of the time people in relationships try to ignore things and make sure they don’t get fight and they run from the truth. They hide and ignore some topics that they don’t want their partner to know about. Which will get in the way of your relationship and bad for you if you keep it up?

Life is not a movie: There are no things as everything is going to end happily for everyone no matter whatever you do. There are no things as if we were meant to be destiny will make us meet again. There is no music hearing when you are in love. If you don’t work on your relationship and things everything will be good on end, or break up with good guys that maybe your detailed ones saying if we were meant to be we will meet again. You will probably be going to be single for a lifetime and even if you get married you will be with someone that may not be as good for you as the guy you were with was.

We’re all selfish: There’s no denying the fact that every person thinks for himself too. Even when in love ones they will try to be a little selfish, which does not mean a bad thing. Selfishness can be a good thing, they want you for them is a good thing, it can make you know they love you so much. But just a little selfishness in a way of possessiveness is okay.

Relationship is more than love: Sorry to all the best friends of the couples. As soon as they get in a serious relationship they are each other’s best friends. The thing to make a relationship work is that you need trust, care, honesty, loyalty, friendship and more. For it to work.…

When we are talking about a relationship we need to keep up with some things that will strengthen our relationship and make it last longer. There’s always something with many relationships that people always end up getting breaking without a valid reason. They don’t try hard enough to keep their relationship up. So if you want to make sure your relationship stays longer and goes great, make sure about what I will tell you today. As its most important ones that end relationships, These are the ones that every great long-lasting relationship people have on their relationship.


When you are in a relationship there will be times when you need to set your foot down for your partner. You need to know that relationship always works on take and give. You want Love and care from your partner you need to give love and care to your partner. The things about relationships are simply that they always need mutual efforts from both sides. You can not expect a relationship to last longer of only the one person giving his all and other people just sitting and not doing anything. So when you are in a relationship make sure you compromise for each other. If something they don’t like and you can leave that for them then do. Small things make the biggest effect on others. If they don’t like to watch a match and you want to watch a match, and they get upset just let them watch what they want. It will only make your relationship better, it shows that you care about them and respect their choices.


Probably the most important factor in your relationship can be the communication. Relationships with communication always argues and fights later end up being breaking up with each other. When you are in a relationship you need to understand your partners. You should know their likes, dislikes, favorite food, what they hate. Everything about them your past, tour family background your friend circle. Everything about them should be known to you and they should know everything about you. Or else later it will cause fights arguments and bad experience leaving each other hurt. If something about them you don’t like then tell them to talk with them. It’s better to talk than to fight because of it if you don’t tell about your past. Remember if later suddenly something came up and they know from someone else they will get hurt. Then it will turn into a fight as you hiding things from them and that will create doubt. They will always doubt you after that because you hide things from them. So make sure this does not happen if you want to have a long-lasting relationship.

Choose your fights carefully

There is no denying that every relationship will have fights and arguments often. But when that happens you need to make sure you know what you are arguing for. Don’t go fighting for things that don’t even matter to anyone. People often fight and argue over small things that’s not worth fighting over. There’s no need to fight over TV, food, light, and things like that. If you think it’s okay for you to fight cuz your partner didn’t like your food or the food your partner made was bad. Then you guys never going to make it, if you think it’s okay to fight on we should watch TV together and we should not watch this or that. Then it’s never going to work, sorry to say, be mature get your mid-right and choose what you should be fighting and arguing about.

Don’t hide your needs

If you are in a relationship there is for sure that you have needs from your partner. That can be sexual needs, mental needs or emotional, make sure what you need you talk about it. Don’t get mad if they can’t provide that, on the spot. Let them know and then take action on that, so when being in a relationship you talk about your needs and let them know what you want and what you need.

Trust and honesty

One of the most important factors in the relationship is that you need to have trust in your partner. Never go breaking up with them because someone else said something wrong about them. That will just make your relationship bad and your mind filled with doubts. So make sure you trust them and when it comes to loyalty make sure to maintain that too. Honesty is the most important thing to never lie to your partner, that can get you and your partner hurt very bad. Make sure you don’t do that with your partner always be honest so later when that thong comes up they won’t get hurt. Always remember that once honesty is gone trust is gone and they always doubt you thinking that you are a liar.…

When we are talking about being in a long-distance relationship or gets harder with time and also get easier too. It’s confusing, yes but that’s the best thing about being in a long-distance relationship is about. I’m In a long-distance myself for about a year and a half and it’s been a great experience with lots of things I learned about my partner. The bond you create with long-distance relationships is not something that can be created easily and that won’t affect you.

When working on a long-distance relationship and trying to enjoy there are many things that you can do to make you feel like the distance is nothing. The long-distance relationships always about getting in contact, staying active and giving attention to each other. That’s how it works as you can’t show from your action and by being there in a long-distance relationship you need to show the love with your attention.

There are different things that people try to do and want to experience with their partner that they can’t because of the distance. So I will show you some of the gadgets that will help you get your long-distance relationship work.

Long-distance touch lamp

One of the best ideas I have found on the internet and this one’s for the people who are working and busy always and can’t really connect with phone all day. So this can be your solution if you also work at the office and when your partner is home alone missing you or you both working at the same time. When you can’t use your phone but miss each other too much and want to tell them you miss them. Take this lamp with you In your office and let it sit, connect this with your mobile app and decide a light for you and connect your partner lamp account with yours. Then touch the lamp and when you touch the lamp it will light up the color that you selected on your lamp and on your partner lamps too at the same time. Amazing? Yes, I know it’s a great idea for letting them know you miss them and thinking about them with just one touch and don’t have to worry about your boss getting mad at you. Another great thing with this is that you can use add up to 4 accounts and choose a different color for everyone so you will know who miss you and who’s thinking about you.

Kissinger Aiart

This is another great gadget to let you feel that intimacy and that great closeness that can really move your long-distance relationship work. The Kissinger Aiart is a gadget to give you perfect real smooch from your partner. The gadget imitates the real pressure and the real sensation of the kiss of your partner with its smart sensor technology. Connect this with your phone and when you both talking on video call you can connect with each other. Then when you take this Kissinger and kiss it on the kissing sensor made in this gadget to give you a smooth lips like experience only. Then you both can feel each other’s lips pressure and sensation coming through the that you are putting. Not going to lie, some people have seen getting too intense with this great gadget. As everyone wants that intimacy with their partner and with this gadget you can experience that. So I would say this one is the best one after that light touch lamp in my opinion.

Pillow talk

While we love to talk the whole day with our partner through day time, we miss them not being with us in the same bed at night time. So for that, we do have something that will make your feeling of emptiness go away the pillow talk. It’s simple a cushion pillow with an advanced sensor that connects with a bracelet that you wear on your hand and connects with the app. Then when you both sleeping you can feel the heartbeat and warmth of your partner and that the cushion sends to you with its technology. The idea is not that great and hot to have real physical touch and intimacy. But still a great and cute idea to let you guys interact and feel each other heartbeat and make you feel like you are with each other when you sleep.

So there you go, these are the 3 gadgets that you could use and I recommend you to use that will make you and your partner feel less distant from each other.…