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Suspect You Have Been Miss Sold PPI On A Barclays Policy?

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There have been a huge number of complaints from sufferers of ppi mis-selling about the practices of Barclays, as a result of this huge amount of complaints and huge numbers of cases to process by the banks, the ombudsman, and claims management firms offering ppi reclaim help.

Why Many People Choose To Use A Claims Facilitator Than Claim The Money Alone

Pursuing claims’ by yourself is often not as simple as what some people make it out to be, this is because sometimes claims run into issues, such as rejections, invalid complaints, no ppi found on the policy, cases needed to be sent to the ombudsman, and also rejections by the banks that could be found to be unjustified.

Loans, Mortgages and credit cards from barclays have all been found at some stage to have miss sold payment protection insurance on them, and have all had members of the public successfully claim back on those policies.

It is perfectly possible for people to win compensation against all of these huge corporations that have marketed ppi under a false pretense.

It is important for any miss sold customers to make enquiries either with a claims’ management company OR barclays (for if you prefer to handle the claim alone) in order to start proceedings in order to get their money back.

It is your right as a client to get a refund for a miss sold product especially under the circumstances of what was decided in the judicial review on May 2011.

Are Credit Cards, Mortgages And Loans PPI Claims Handled Differently With Barclays Bank

The claims are handled much the same as each other, the agreement is reviewed to see if there are any signs of manipulative miss-selling, in order for a case to be valid and correct, it is important to make sure the circumstances around the case are valid.

We have extensive experience in processing cases of this nature, we feel we are well-placed to handle any cases you might have against barclays, if you would like us to investigate a case for you, under a no win no fee* scheme then by all means get in touch with us at the homepage for more information about claims against barclays.