Best Tech Gadgets For Long Distance Relationship

When we are talking about being in a long-distance relationship or gets harder with time and also get easier too. It’s confusing, yes but that’s the best thing about being in a long-distance relationship is about. I’m In a long-distance myself for about a year and a half and it’s been a great experience with lots of things I learned about my partner. The bond you create with long-distance relationships is not something that can be created easily and that won’t affect you.

When working on a long-distance relationship and trying to enjoy there are many things that you can do to make you feel like the distance is nothing. The long-distance relationships always about getting in contact, staying active and giving attention to each other. That’s how it works as you can’t show from your action and by being there in a long-distance relationship you need to show the love with your attention.

There are different things that people try to do and want to experience with their partner that they can’t because of the distance. So I will show you some of the gadgets that will help you get your long-distance relationship work.

Long-distance touch lamp

One of the best ideas I have found on the internet and this one’s for the people who are working and busy always and can’t really connect with phone all day. So this can be your solution if you also work at the office and when your partner is home alone missing you or you both working at the same time. When you can’t use your phone but miss each other too much and want to tell them you miss them. Take this lamp with you In your office and let it sit, connect this with your mobile app and decide a light for you and connect your partner lamp account with yours. Then touch the lamp and when you touch the lamp it will light up the color that you selected on your lamp and on your partner lamps too at the same time. Amazing? Yes, I know it’s a great idea for letting them know you miss them and thinking about them with just one touch and don’t have to worry about your boss getting mad at you. Another great thing with this is that you can use add up to 4 accounts and choose a different color for everyone so you will know who miss you and who’s thinking about you.

Kissinger Aiart

This is another great gadget to let you feel that intimacy and that great closeness that can really move your long-distance relationship work. The Kissinger Aiart is a gadget to give you perfect real smooch from your partner. The gadget imitates the real pressure and the real sensation of the kiss of your partner with its smart sensor technology. Connect this with your phone and when you both talking on video call you can connect with each other. Then when you take this Kissinger and kiss it on the kissing sensor made in this gadget to give you a smooth lips like experience only. Then you both can feel each other’s lips pressure and sensation coming through the that you are putting. Not going to lie, some people have seen getting too intense with this great gadget. As everyone wants that intimacy with their partner and with this gadget you can experience that. So I would say this one is the best one after that light touch lamp in my opinion.

Pillow talk

While we love to talk the whole day with our partner through day time, we miss them not being with us in the same bed at night time. So for that, we do have something that will make your feeling of emptiness go away the pillow talk. It’s simple a cushion pillow with an advanced sensor that connects with a bracelet that you wear on your hand and connects with the app. Then when you both sleeping you can feel the heartbeat and warmth of your partner and that the cushion sends to you with its technology. The idea is not that great and hot to have real physical touch and intimacy. But still a great and cute idea to let you guys interact and feel each other heartbeat and make you feel like you are with each other when you sleep.

So there you go, these are the 3 gadgets that you could use and I recommend you to use that will make you and your partner feel less distant from each other.

Tom Sanks

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