Well, we all know how good and amazing love is it feels wonderful when you with a guy that you love. It’s like the best feeling you feel secure, safe, and you think about having a future with him. But what if that guy doesn’t really care about you as much as you do and he’s just playing with you. The thing about guys is that they will say I love you to you, even if they don’t mean it just to get you. They can lie about it and be totally innocent when it comes to the point when you ask babe do you still love me? They will say of course and all the sweet talk. You will believe them too but you need to make sure that he does love you. So 5 signs that he doesn’t care about you or love you anymore we will talk about them.

Keeps on repeating the same mistake: When you are in a relationship with someone or you live you love someone. You will make sure you don’t repeat one same mistake that can hurt your partner. Like it does not just mistake it’s also the things that annoy you he won’t repeat that. If your partner is repeating the same things that annoy you like getting late every time when you meet, getting on your nerves doing the same thing and make it into a fight. The thing if he keeps on doing that means simply that he doesn’t care about you at all. Let’s just take the most important thing that happens with most people as our example. If he said something and did something that hurt you and you forgive him after a fight. You thought yes he’s really sorry and that he won’t do it again. But after a while, he says the same thing, and repeat the same mistake, again and again, to hurt you and your feeling that a straight no. You can’t accept that as that’s the clear sign He don’t give a damn what you feel and what you don’t.

Never gives you enough time: Other things that you can take as a sign is that lack of time. No matter what he is doing whether playing games or working he will always give you time when you need him. I work too and do a lot of projects on my whole day but I make sure that I will pick up my baby phone, text and talk to her when I can. If he’s busy it’s alright giving time work on a mutual understanding, you need to know when he’s working, he can’t talk to you the whole day. Which is good because he needs to work and earn a living. But if he always making that excuse and you are talking 30min or 1 hour a day, that’s it. When you guys are meeting irregular days even been in the same city and place. If he’s saying that I’m going with friends won’t come to meet you and that if he’s saying I’m tired I don’t feel taking right now let’s talk later. Those are a positive sign he doesn’t care about you like the way you do you should consider leaving him before it gets too late.

Does not have your back: The things about being in a relationship is that they always means always no matter what have your back. When you are in a relationship there is no way of letting your girl down. No matter what you say to her as a joke in person when it comes to other people if they are making fun of her and if she needs you in any situation like money problems, family issues, and other things. You should always stand first for her as she only has you that she can rely on after her family. So if your guy is ignoring those things, he’s making fun of you in front of his friends or your friends. If you need money urgently and he’s saying nope I can’t, if you need him at someplace really need him and he said I can’t come right now. Even if you say that it’s really important for you and please come. If he not coming means you can not rely on him and he doesn’t care what you do what you get into. That’s a clear sign of letting that guy go before you get more hurt.

Don’t introduce you to his family: When you guys are in a relationship for quite a long time like 6 months. Also, know yeah I’m serious about each other you will for sure take them to introduce you to your family. And if your guy is not ready to take steps always avoid when you say babe I want to meet your family let’s go and introduce me to them. If he always make some excuse and keep avoiding that then no doubt he’s not serious about you and just paying he just wants to use you till he can and have fun. 6 months is enough for anyone to decide whether it’s serious or not, well it’s more than enough you should get it before 6 months. But yeah if he doesn’t in that period of time he’s just doesn’t care whether you stay or not.

Don’t open his background and privacy: If a guy your in relationships with don’t let you inside his private life family background. Also, avoid the question about his past life when you ask him. Yes if he’s already told you and you keep asking what’s different thing as it can be something that will hurt you if he talks again and again. But if he doesn’t even once then it’s never going to work and he just doesn’t really care about telling you about his private life and personal life.…