Not Accepting New Claims
No Win No Fee* PPI Compensation Claims 15% (+ Vat)

Don’t Pay CMC Do It Yourself

Last year Claims Management Regulator received about 9000 complaints about Claims Management Companies (CMC). The regulator which is part of Ministry of Justice is not in a position to look at the complaints. Now you can take CMC complaints to Ombudsman who also handles PPI complaints. Their services are free and they will deal with legal service providers such as law firms and solicitors. They have the power to make firms reimburse you or make compensation. You have to complain to claims Management Company involved so as to use this service. They have two months to respond. Before you get here you should avoid using CMC and do it yourself.

Do it yourself

A lot of people are complaining on quality of services that they are receiving from CMC. They say that they went to CMC expecting to be assisted but they only made things worse. After going through them they may mess you up and you don’t know who can help you. Now you have an opportunity of going to Ombudsman to have them help you.

There are many reasons why people should avoid using CMC. The first is that the process of claiming back your money is simple and you will get your money anyway. You don’t need CMC as they will not hasten the process. The only thing that they do is taking your money after the process is over.

You will lose about 30% of your money when this process is over. By doing it yourself you will be able to get your money back. When you are dealing with CMC you may also lose your money in the process or have complain on the services they are providing. If you think that they have not served you in the right way you are supposed to take complain to them.

They are supposed to respond within eight weeks then you can take the case to Ombudsman.
Wendy Alcock says that they are now happy that Ombudsman is in a position to help. In the past nobody was in a position to assist customers who had complains to make on CMC. With ombudsman in place we are assured that customers will get justice the need and get their money back. You only take your case to ombudsman if CMC does not listen to your case. Ombudsman doesn’t sell any goods but they offer services that will help you get compensated. At the first place you should avoid using CMC. The process of getting compensation on mis-sold PPI policy is simple and you will get your money without any assistance.

However not all CMCs are bad. You can get CMC that are registered with regulator. If you would not to get your hands dirty or get tired you can seek their assistance. They will make the claim themselves and after you get your compensation you will give them what was in agreement. Most of the times they will ask for 30% of compensation you get. However if you have the time and you have the papers then you should do it yourself.