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No Win No Fee* PPI Compensation Claims 15% (+ Vat)

Lloyds TSB Claims

Had A PPI Mis-selling problem with Lloyds tsb? We Can Help You.

Here at we offer a *no win no fee claims management service for members of the public who have been miss sold payment protection insurance by lloyds tsb.

Don’t have the time to handle the claim yourself?
Don’t know what the best course of action to take is?
Have better things to do with your time than chase the banks for updates on progress?
Interested in making a *no win no fee claim with a group of expert claims advisors?

That is what we are here for!

We have a team of specialised advisors on hand for cases of payment protection miss selling, we have handled thousands of successful reclaims from the british public and we are ready to handle thousands more…

How Do I Start A Lloyds tsb ppi claim?

Fill out our online form at the homepage in order to pass the details of your complaint on to us, from their our expert advisers’ will get in touch with you to verify some of the circumstances around your case, and work with you to complete a questionnaire, and from there we will proceed with the case and represent you on your behalf, and pursue the case to a conclusion.

There are no upfront fees, all we want you to do in the beginning is make sure that you are available for when we get in touch with you, so we can gather as much information about the case as possible before we start proceedings.

The reason we need to contact you about your claim, is so that we can act upon as much information as possible about the case we will be pursuing on your behalf, you don’t need to worry, any information that we collect is held in confidence and we do not sell on your data to other companies, so your privacy is not an issue.

How quick can I expect compensation?

Please remember that a payout is not guaranteed, it will need to be found that there is a true case of mis selling for the banks to even consider making an offer, however it is found that there are a lot of valid complaints, so don’t allow that to discourage you from submitting your case, we must however, be careful in what we promise to any prospective customers for regulatory purposes, however we would advise you to get in touch asap to discuss your potential claim.