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Here at PPI claims online 247 we are experts in reclaiming mis-sold PPI for UK individuals that have taken out mis sold PPI policies.

We recommend that if you have a loan, mortgage, or credit card and are Unsure if it has an associated PPI Policy, you should get in contact with us so we can investigate your case, it costs nothing unless we are successful, in which case we charge a 15% fee.

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How Is PPI Deemed To Be Mis Sold PPI?

PPI is missold when the person taking on the finance has been sold the payment protection insurance in a way that can be deemed deceptive or unfair.

One common way that the banks have done this, is by making the ppi policy appear as though it is mandatory. This is NOT the case at all, PPI has never been mandatory, and the reason why the mis-selling of PPI is so controversial is the fact that people don’t often need PPI.

It is important that you claim back your payment insurance because there could be £1,000’s in compensation that you are owed.

Who Says That PPI Has Been Mis-sold?

In May 2011 There Was a judicial ruling between the bankers’ association, the financial ombudsman and the FSA, in this court hearing, it was deemed upon investigation that may ppi policies have in fact been unfairly sold due to the deceptive nature and the use of small print on paper agreements among other things.

Claiming back Mis sold PPI as a result, has because much easier that what was possible before.

How do I begin a Claim for Mis sold Payment insurance?

Scroll to the upper right hand section of the page, submit your details and you will be contacted by our friendly advisors and sent a claims’ pack, the pack takes 5 minutes to complete and once complete please post it back to us. This is a good way to progress you claim quickly and get you the compensation you deserve/