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Payment Protection Insurance Claims

Why Should I Make A Claim With

  • We Have One Of The Best Success Rates In The PPI Market, More than 90% of valid applications become successful claims, in short if there are grounds for a claim, the majority chances are, we will make the claim a success.
  • We Facilitate Claims AS QUICKLY as POSSIBLE in short, many of the payment protection insurance claims we process are completed and successfully paid out in a matter of weeks.
  • We Claim the most amount of compensation possible for you, along with any additional charges we can claim back in association with your PPI policy.
  • The Average Claim Value is anything from £1000-£6000 and is dependant purely on the nature of your miss sold policy, so to answer that accurately requires further investigation
  • We Deal With Your Creditors, Unlike other firms, we make the claim process so that you need not deal directly with your creditors at any stage of the claims process.
  • Our Fees (No win no fee*) on a payment protection insurance claim is only 15% + Vat, you pay us when you receive your refund.

If the above isn’t enough reason…

Why Else Should I Claim Back Payment Protection Insurance?

  •  The Recent Judicial Ruling dictates that any miss-sold payment protection insurance should be refunded to the claimant, if the banks cannot substantiate that they have sold payment insurance correctly then the finance must re-imbursed to the claimant (this is a directive that comes from the very top – FSA and FOS).
  • The banks owe out more £9bn in unpaid payment protection insurance claims, this is potentially a refund that the general public are entitled to on a mass scale.
  • Claiming back protection insurance is a process that is made simple by the claims companies, the amount of paperwork is small and brief, you only need to provide details of your financial arrangements and your confirmation of acceptance of the agreement to claim the PPI back.

What is payment protection insurance?

Payment protection insurance is a means of protecting individuals from mitigating circumstances in terms of being able to meet their payments due to loss of earnings or another unforeseen circumstance.

It is a financial product in the form of insurance that has recently been deemed to be miss sold to to the British Public, making it much easier to make a claim for the miss sold PPI policy.

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* In the event that you cancel outside of the “cooling off” period a reasonable fee may be charged.

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