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PPI Compensation

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At we specialise in claiming compensation for people who have taken out ppi insurance who have been mis sold the protection insurance, and thus didn’t actually need it.

If you wish to claim compensation for PPI you can request your refund by completing the refund request to the right of the page.

How much compensation can I get?

Firstly, whether or not you will be eligable for PPI compensation will require the input of our third party respresentatives, the quickest way for you to find out using our website as to whether or not you can recieve compensation for your PPI policy is to begin your claim by requesting your refund to the right of the page.

Once you have submitted your details, our agents will contact you to discuss your case, and how we can help you receive compensation as quickly as possible.

Typical Compensation for PPI can be anywhere between £2,500 to £4,500 dependant on the nature of your finance and how much you actually borrowed from your creditors.

How Quickly Can I Recieve my PPI Compensation?

This depends on how quickly your claim can be processed and how efficiently your creditors can be convinced to pay out for your actual case, usual timescales for every PPI company range from anything from 3-12 months, but we have been known to exceed expectations on these timescales and also the amount of compensation recieved per claim.

The best way to ensure that you recieve your compensation is to submit your details to our representatives as quickly as possible so that we can attend to your particular claim as efficiently as we possibly can so that we can get a head start on helping you recieve the payout that you are looking for for your mis sold policy.