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No Win No Fee* PPI Compensation Claims 15% (+ Vat)

What you need to know about PPI claims

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is a method that is adopted to act as additional cover in financial products. You can use this method to manage your repayments when you are unable to settle money due in case of injury, sickness or unemployment. Some people don’t qualify for PPI because of their employment status.

People who are ineligible for PPI include: students, retired, self-employed or those working on temporary contract. This is because they cannot claim their PPI even if they need it

You may have existing PPI policy which you can claim. This is because you may have miss-sold the policy and the plan was not clearly explained to you. Maybe when you were asking for PPI you were told that it was compulsory for you to take out PPI or you sold PPI under false pretense.

These false pretenses include:

When you were applying for this PPI you already had a similar cover at another place.

You didn’t get the right information on how, where and when you could take out PPI.

When you were applying for loan online you were went fir opt-in instead of opt-ins.

When you are applying your PPI you were told that this will increase your chances of getting a loan.

How do you know whether you have PPI

Maybe you are not even aware that you have a protection insurance policy. This is because you were sold PPI policies that you are not aware of. Let’s look on how you can whether you have PPI:

If you have an existing loan it is better to check whether PPI policies were mentioned in the loan documents. I know that you have kept your repayments papers and in these papers you should check whether you have any unexplained charges.

The other area that you should check for direct debits that you don’t know of is in your banking history.
Don’t expect a headline under PPI as it is known by many names. PPI is also known by many names such as: debt protection or loan insurance.

It does not mean you don’t have existing PPI just because you don’t find it. Check any payment method that you are not aware of and consult with your bank.

Know whether you have a valid PPI

You may have may miss-sold your PPI and the following are the reasons why you may have done it.

If you think that any of them applies for you then you can make your PPI claim.

When you already have similar protection insurance with another payment.

When you were buying PPI policy you had existing medical conditions.

You did not that you have bought PPI.

You were told that you had to take PPI to qualify for a loan.

You bought the policy to get a nagging salesman off your back.

Maybe you did not need the policy because of your employment i.e. you were self-employed or a student.

The person who gave you the policy did not carry out enough investigation to know whether you needed PPI policy.